A Multiplayer Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Role-Playing Game with Bitcoin and Blockchain tokens


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Multiplayer Adventure Game

Explore abandoned adrift ships, get lost in deep mines, and use your ingenuity to solve complex puzzles

Lost Treasures

Decipher clues in the storyline that lead to blockchain tokens that can be traded in for Bitcoin


Welcome to the year 4429

Prepare to wake up in a future where intergalactic warfare, piracy, bounty hunting, rogue artificial intelligence, and the decline of human civilization is your reality.
Why choose Us?

MultiplayerPlay with friends locally or across the planet.

Battling rogue AI, solving puzzles, and collecting bounties is hard work. You can play on your own or with others to cooperate or player vs. player combat.

Why choose Us?

Retro MUD Graphic AdventureTell me quick, what is SpacePirate?

SpacePirate: Age of Rust is a dark sci-fi role playing adventure game in an intergalactic dystopian universe. It features turn-based combat against both game enemies and other players. It also plays like a dice-based D&D style game that you play with other people. Make no mistake, at its heart is an adventure and a mystery that rewards players with hidden treasures.

Why choose Us?

Not a “Pay to win” GameNothing like DungeonKeeper or Hearthstone

Luck, brains, and experience is the only true way to survive in the 43rd century. While some upgrades can ease the suffering, it can’t win the game for you. The game is not designed to force you to buy things in order to continue. You can buy some cool and fun things in the game, but they're not required to make you a winner in the game. You have to use strategy to outplay others as well as skill to solve puzzles. You can't buy the solutions to the puzzles, those you have to figure out yourself.

Places to explore
Bitcoins in Rewards
Weapons, Ships, Armor, and items.
Minutes between game universe expansions

Game Highlights

A dark noir based adventure in an intergalactic post-apocalyptic universe.

Crowdfunding Launching in 2017

Rewards: Early Access to Online Builds, Limited and Rare In-Game Items, Blockchain-based Tokens, Special “Backer/Supporter” Titles, Recognition
Why choose Us?

CrowdfundingCommunity support and outreach

Your support is needed to complete SpacePirate: Age of Rust in order to add art, sound, and additional storylines in the game.

We hope that you will see the story we are trying to tell, what we are trying to do, and that it resonates with something that you remember. The games we remember playing are ones that we were emotionally invested in, the games we remember playing all night and thinking about how to get to the next stage all the next day. Those games had something special and that's why I made this game, something to draw you into a new universe, a new story, something... special.

Game and Crowdfund Status

Game Complete
Funding Raised
Age of Rust Tokens Issued
Stretch Goals Completed

"Multiplayer Sci-Fi Fantasy Role-Playing for Everyone"


Launch Platform Elements

Two Factor Authentication

Additional security to prevent unauthorized actions with Authy

Player vs. Player

PvP can be toggled on and off so other players can't harm you

Solo and Group

You can explore and solve puzzles on your own. You don’t need others unless you want to involve them.


Unlock mysteries and challenges within the game and get rewarded with Bitcoin

Provably Fair

Using hashes, seeds, and an open algorithm; you can verify game/combat rolls as fair.

RPG Character Levelling

Extensive character attributes such as IQ, Physical Strength, and Endurance play a part in the game

Full Chat Experience

Extensive chat options including private messages and the ability to tip other players or make it rain

Sound and Voice

Voice overs, music, and sounds-based events add another level of gameplay (optional).

No Pay-to-win

The best items have to unlocked inside the game and while there are hints to puzzles, you can't pay to solve a mystery


Hype R-Space

Feedback and comments...

Ever since I found out about bitcoin, I’ve wanted to play a game like this

I spent a lot of time playing MUD’s in the 90's and miss those days. SpacePirate is exactly what I’m waiting for...

When is this game coming out? I was addicted to choose your own adventure books and can’t stand 3D shooters. Please hurry!

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